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The Pre-Construction phase is crucial to the success and any commercial construction project. More importantly, the decisions made during this process ultimately affect the final cost, delivery time and usability of the structure.  The complexity and magnitude of the decisions an owner must make can be difficult without the necessary expertise and support. That’s where we step in to help our clients.

CCI can assume complete responsibility for our client’s interests in the Pre-Construction process. As a result we are able to provide expert, professional analysis of every aspect of the project. Our team can eliminate over-designed elements, catch and correct errors and suggest changes that can provide major construction cost savings. We can perform these services as part of our contract, limited only by your desires, programming, and the target budget constraints.

Pre-Construction Services

– Planning
– Design Supervision
– Design reviews
– Engineering
– Budgeting
– Entitlement
– Working Drawings / Bid / Finance
– City Agencies: Codes / Variances / Zoning

CCI has built a strong reputation in commercial construction by providing industry-leading design phase services to our clients. Furthermore, we merge the efforts of the entire project team and curate the resources we have gathered over the years during the process. As a result, we provide on-going technical support and feedback to minimize costs and delays. With a continual focus on quality, architectural integrity, timeliness and financial effectiveness, our design development and Pre-Construction efforts foster the most efficient and usable project.

Commercial Construction

Successful Design-Build delivery requires experienced professionals, exceptional communication, full team integration and a commitment to working collaboratively. For that reason, we have developed proprietary, innovative, team-based best practices. As a result these systems help to facilitate a seamless, unified project approach achieving ultimate satisfaction for our clients.

We are Builders

From large-scale concrete pours to the design and implementation of foundation support systems, CCI has the mastery to complete the most critical components of the construction scope.

Having firsthand knowledge of the effort required to complete all trades under a variety of project conditions is one of CCI’s skill sets. Hence CCI is better able to more accurately schedule work and enables personnel to monitor production and quality.

Quality construction begins with quality craftsmen. Above all, CCI hires and develops the best tradespeople to ensure that delivery of the finest products to our clients. As a result, our skilled labor and hands-on experience ensure that we get the job done right, right from the start.

Construction Services

– Project review
– Realistic and Efficient Construction Scheduling
– Construction Supervision
– Site Safety Supervision
– Progress Reports

The moment a project shifts from designs on paper to crews on the ground changes happen. At this point, the relationships between the owner, architect and contractor can be tested. Therefore, CCI takes care to keep open, transparent communication between all parties. From the owner and the design team down to the newest apprentice on the job site, advanced communication channels are evident. As a result, we are able to drastically reduce mistakes, adapt to changing conditions and keep our projects on time.

Maintaining Quality Control throughout construction has always been a focus for CCI. For Example, we incorporate standard QC operational inspections procedures in our daily work to proactively identify issues. As well, Part of what makes CCI different than many commercial construction companies is our passion to embrace the technologies of today that help us produce a better product for our clients tomorrow. Consequently we have developed proprietary operating procedures based in a network of software and hardware that connects our team faster than others. In addition, we also use drone video footage to help us stay on top of our projects before, during and after the build.

As a project nears completion we test and certify all major systems. CCI prepares meticulous as built plans and documentation, and train the owners and their team so they can take the keys with complete confidence.

Elective Services

At CCI, we can help get the results you want and cut project timelines by assuming responsibility of elective services as early as the design stage. Furthermore, we work with clients to assemble the right aggregate of elective services and then provide expert oversight to make sure their vision becomes reality.

Elective Services

– Owners Representative
– Political Consulting
– Lease Up / Property Management
– Sales and Marketing
– Snapshot: Real-estate Planning, Asset and Liability Valuation

For example, as owner’s representative, CCI’s commercial construction team serves as an extension of the owner’s staff. We provide guidance through the life cycle of your project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times.

CCI provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to make their project a success. Similarly, for an owner whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, we literally serve as an extension of your staff.

As the project’s “eyes and ears,” we can provide on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents. As a result this helps ensure that the project stays on time and within budget. Working as your advocate, CCI experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction.


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