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Our life’s work as commercial building contractors is to ensure that every project, regardless of size, is strategically planned out, centered on customer value, flawlessly executed and provides the required function for years to come.  We would like to introduce our clients to a fresh way of thinking, based on creating purposeful procedures that provide actual value for our clients. When we restructure a project or modify a task for efficiency or financial reasons, the benefit to the client should outweigh that to our company.

We possess the expertise and sophisticated capability that is truly essential to create innovative structures, building value for our clients.  However, the real foundation of our success is our people. By design we ensure a safe and purposeful working environment, which allows us to deliver continuous and complete satisfaction on every job.

From our Founder- “We hold ourselves to high standards, and we do our absolute best to live up to them. If we miss the mark, we try to be the first to notice and the first to resolve it. Clients and subcontractors alike return to work with us again and again because of our ethics, honesty and fairness.”

CCI is a full service commercial building contractor specializing in construction, planning, management and renovations. Our idea from day one has been to work closely with our clients to capture all the benefits of the build. Building relationships is the foundation of our company. We have earned our way to the top of Southern California’s construction industry by staying true to the vision, mission and values set forth by our founder Carlos Cruz.


To lead a business era where great relationships are the intention, not the result. To pilot the industry with a customer-centric culture based on integrity, technology and communication.


To empower our clients to move, grow and build the future of their companies effectively through the timely delivery of quality structures.


Integrity is organic to our culture.
We deliver on our promises.
Communication is the key to relationships.
Creating purpose is our practice.
We empower our employees to achieve their aspirations

We want to be a progressive force behind the axiom of “happy employee, happy client”.


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